Monday, April 30, 2012

when asked to be genuine, or what does that mean?

when i found out about where my fourth tooth had been this whole time
through a lover, blood spit

discovering how another soulmate had been found, her mysterious fifth tooth

found growing in the middle of the mouth

my missing fourth tooth, three wisdoms pulled through

I rubbed menthol onto my gums to loosen a grip that night
loose gums to let my teeth turn into the wave they want




i ask the same questions my two grandfathers did
"would it help me if I dug a hole?"

the answer is always no
but secretly

I am waiting to find the real truth in a sunday
I am waiting to fill an experience of a quiet closed 

I am turning my teeth in order to speak a word that is not riddled with lies, because all I know is the tide has swept me away
the current is strong
it is hard to get back here

follow through a herd of sheep as we are
follow through and bend down
head down
bow to the wet ground

your feet sink
teeth gripped
to your neighbors

you believe in them that they save you
because for some reason your still here