Sunday, September 7, 2008

drawings from eastbound I-80

these are some drawings that I did in the car coming home from California. AMERIKA IS WEIRD
There is so much land in this country that is open, and the mountains and the sky and the rivers and the farms... It is so overwhelming to me, because I'm always stuck in these little boxes of cities, which I like. Me and my mom, and me and pat would stop in little towns and eat lunch, and it was always so foreign to me. 
I stopped at a truck stop, where there is a gas station, a store a diner a subway, bathrooms, candy store with home made fudge and taffy, it was all in one place. The lady behind the counter called me "sweetie". 
The waitresses knew the names of the  customers, and I always wonder if that is something that I would really enjoy. I don't know.
Deeth Starr Valley?